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Picture443zpsncucutrnHello There

We are the RC Tank Regiment A friendly club for enthusiasts of 1/16 scale radio controlled tanks! We welcome enthusiasts of all ages, from purist modellers who like to create exact replicas complete with mud and dirt to figurative modelers who may like to create fantasy tanks. Even if your tank is straight out of a box from China you won't find any snobbery here! Just friendly help and advice from like minded enthusiasts.

We have an active forum in which everyone is invited to participate, there you will find build threads showing how some of our best moddlers go about their work, specialist threads for various model types and yet others for those tricky subjects like model electronics and battle systems.

But there is more. We also get together several times a year where we lay out a large battle arena with trees, hills, buildings and other set dressings to battle our tanks against each other! We also take our battle arena on the road to model and millitary showns around the country to entertain and educate about our hobby and millitary modelling.

What's New?

Recently RC Tank Regiment spent the weekend entaining and battling at the Beaulieu Truckmania.

This was an unusual event for us, most of our events are at either specialist model shows or millitary shows. However this show turned our to be one of our best!

The large marquee we were sharing with the RC Truck club made life great, especially the lack of wind!

We would like to express our thanks to the RC Truck club for their warm welcome and for letting us share their arena.